My name is Andrew Hamilton and I am the editor of Peak Performance Lite.

Peak Performance Lite is a free newsletter. In each issue, I reveal ways to improve your strength and fitness… from mental training to muscle building... to injury prevention, stamina and endurance strategies. I include practical tips, training programmes, and exercises which are now being used by thousands of athletes across the world. You'll discover great stuff - and not pay a penny for it!

  Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton

So why am I qualified to help you? I am a sports science writer and researcher, specialising in sports nutrition and I've worked in the field of fitness and sports performance for over 30 years, helping athletes to reach their true potential. I am also a lifelong endurance athlete myself..

As well as my role as editor of Peak Performance Lite and commissioning editor iof Peak Performance, I’m a scientific consultant to the fitness and sports nutrition industries. I’ve written for a number of other publications, including Cycling Weekly and 220 Triathlon, and Athletics Weekly.

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