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About the Peak Performance newsletter

Peak Performance is a subscription-only newsletter for athletes and coaches, featuring the latest research from the sports science world. It was established in 1990 by champion runner and many times gold medal winner Sylvester Stein, and is published 16 times a year, including four special issues. Peak Performance is not available in the shops – only our subscribers are able to access the valuable information we publish. For subscription details, click here.

We have over 20 years of experience at sports science publishing and also publish the massively successful newsletter Sports Injury Bulletin. All of our writers are fully qualified and highly respected members of the international athletics, sports science and coaching communities.

I really think that your newsletters are wonderful and give a lot of useful information. I am also considering a career in coaching track and field so your newsletters are going to be pretty useful. Keep on doing your great work!

Michel Lavoie, PP subscriber

I find the articles absolutely brilliant, well written and informative. I also really appreciate that many of the articles are the absolute up to the minute ideas which my sports patients love.

Lyn Bailey MCSP SRP, Physiotherapist and PP subscriber

We are also building a library of books and special reports, including the World Sports Science Training Workbook and Performance Workbook. You can see the whole range in our easy-to-use online shop.

Peak Performance and our books are published by P2P Publishing Ltd, Sports Performance, Electric Word, St Marks House Shepherdess Walk London N1 7LH, United Kingdom

 Company registered number 06014651.

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If you have a general query about Peak Performance , want to subscribe or already have an online subscription you wish to enquire about, please email pp@sports-performance.com or call us on:

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"I rate Peak Performance very highly and I use it regularly as a teaching resource."

Kevin Roberts, PP subscriber

The team

Founder: Sylvester Stein

Sylvester Stein has had a long, successful career in magazine and newsletter publishing in two continents, as editor of Drum in South Africa , and founder of Running Magazine and Peak Performance in the UK . A medal-winning runner, Sylvester uses the advice published in Peak Performance to maintain his position as one of the UK 's leading master athletes.

Publisher : Jonathan Pye
Editor : Andrew Hamilton
Marketing Media Executive: David Eng

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