Major Hydration Issues!!!! Please Help!!!!

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Major Hydration Issues!!!! Please Help!!!!

I play professional ice hockey in the NHL for the Nashville Predators, my position is goalie. In an average game I will lose 10-16 pounds of weight. On game day I will begin hydrating with Gatorade, Water and electrolyte solutions ie. Gatorlyte.We generally have a pre-game skate which lasts about 30 mins where I lose an average of 5-7 pounds of body weight. During and after the skate I will drink 2-4 bottles of water and or gatorade.

During a game however I am losing the most body weight 10-16 pounds. I drink three 32oz bottles of half gatorade-half water-plus a gatorlyte electrolyte package. Also, I will drink 1-3 bottles of water and one 16oz gatorade.

I drink a salt water solution between every whistle during the game to help rehydrate and in between periods I will a full bottle of Gatorade to aid fluid loss.

With all the fluids that I am putting into my body....approx 10 pounds of fluid, I am still minus 10-16 pounds after a game and at times will need an I.V.

Could someone please pass on some additional hydration solutions!!!


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