Ask the Expert

Peak Performance and our sister title Your Personal Trainer are proud to announce a new service: Ask The Expert. We've assembled a team of sports and fitness specialists from around the world to answer your questions on everything from strength training to beating injury. Follow the links below to read our experts' words of wisdom - advice that would cost $100's to obtain from a coach, trainer or physiotherapist.

This service is currently suspended. However, you can ask and answer questions in our brand new free Answer section.

Who are the experts?

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Danny M O'Dell

Danny M O'Dell MA. CSCS*D - Strength and Conditioning expert

Danny is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning coach from the USA. He is the author of several training manuals both for us and on his own, most notably 'Strength Training Secrets' and 'The Ultimate Bench Press Manual'. He runs his own web site 'Explosively Fit' and is an internationally published writer on the benefits of living healthily.

Brian Mackenzie

Brian Mackenzie - Coaching Specialist

Brian is a well respected member of the UK coaching community and his coaching web site is one of the most popular on the web. He is a UK athletics level 4 performance coach and a coach tutor. He has been coaching athletes of all disciplines for over 20 years and also has 35 years experience as an endurance athlete. He is the author of several of our best-selling workbooks and our interactive e-book '101 Performance Evaluation Tests'.

Sean Fyfe

Sean Fyfe - Injury Expert

Sean is well known to readers of our sister publication 'Sports Injury Bulletin'. He is a physiotherapist, tennis coach and director of Tennis Fitness Physio - an Australian company specialising in sports medicine, elite tennis player development, strength and conditioning and childhood motor learning programmes.

Andrew Hamilton

Andrew Hamilton - Nutrition Expert

Andrew is the editor of 'Peak Performance', and prior to holding that position was the resident nutrition expert for several years. His involvement in sport and fitness training goes back over 25 years, both as a competitive tri-athlete and runner, and as a qualified fitness teacher. Andrew has an extensive background in the theory and practice of sport performance, and continues to keep his practical teaching qualifications up to date with the American College of Sports Medicine. In his spare time, he is a keen runner, cyclist and hill walker.

John Shepherd

John Shepherd MA - Fitness Expert

John is a specialist health, sport and fitness writer and a former international long jumper. He is a long time contributor to our wide range of newsletters and special reports.