Stomach Toning: how to develop a six pack

Toning up n the gymMany people in the pursuit of abdominal perfection spend too much time focusing on the rectus abdominus (located on the front of the torso, running from sternum to pubis) and completely neglect the other components of the midsection. This is like trying to develop the biceps but not the triceps but still expecting to build a big, strong, functional arm. No matter how hard we try, this approach will limit our success and minimise the benefits we experience. Other common mistakes in abdominal training include the use of ultra-high reps in the hope of ‘spot reducing’, using insufficient loading for fear of making the abdominal muscles ‘thick’, using abdominal cradles to ‘safely’ work the midsection, ignoring the functions of the midsection, not using enough variety in abdominal exercise selection and training the abdominals too often.

In this free download, available to registered members of PP Online, we share a series of abdominal exercises to help you achieve that sought after six pack.

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