Irrespective of the sports you perform, the type of training or exercise you do, or indeed at what level, preparation of your biomechanics is an important part of your training program and is essential to compliment your physiological and functional training and screening.

Athletes: Posture comes before training

The components of posture and its importance for athletes

Sports technology: running shoes should be designed according to gender

Male and female athletes have different running shoe requirements

Upper body biomechanics: how to test for flexibility, injury and mobility

Functional movement screening

Understanding Biomechanics for Core Stability Training

Reduce your risk of Injury in Core Stability Training

Poor Biomechanics Can Compromise Cycling Technique

Are your Biomechanics causing you Knee Pain?

How to Prepare Your Biomechanics for Sport and Exercise

Biomechanics and Sports Injury Prevention

How effectively can Masai barefoot trainers be used to combat bad walking patterns and reduce injuries?

Masai Barefoot Trainers

Cycling Biomechanics

The biomechanics of safe and effective cycling performance at all ability levels

How physiological, biochemical and neural systems influence your training and competition performance

Different physiological systems determine performance under different conditions

personal bests

Personal Bests: These are the changes to concentrate on if you want to produce more PBs.

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