Looking for a healthy diet to boost your performance? Sports nutrition is of utmost importance for athletes and these articles will help you build a diet plan to personalised necessities like how to increase metabolism or reduce muscle cramps. You’ll also find information on general diet topics like eating disorders… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Yo-yo dieting and middle age waistlines

Yo-yo dieting

Fatmax: fat fact or fat fiction?

The loss of excess fat isn’t just aesthetic – it almost always produces enhanced performance

Sports nutrition: practical advice on carbohydrates, hydration and antioxidants

How 10 years of sports nutritional research can be utilised in your training programme

Sports nutrition: is dietary nitrate the key to enhanced endurance performance?

Dietary nitrate can aid mental and physical performance for athletes.

Sports nutrition: how the right diet and training can boost an athlete's immunity

The importance of immunity for athletes and how best to achieve it

Sports nutrition: a bean salad recipe suitable for all athletes

This bean salad recipe packs a delicious nutritional punch

Energy drinks: can repeated usage of sports drinks damage performance?

Could the routine use of sports drinks hinder the process of training adaptation?

Weight loss: can you lose weight effectively on a protein diet?

Protein and weight control

Hydration – fluid intake advice and tips

New research suggests that optimum hydration is not just about ‘drinking plenty’ and hoping for the best. It actually requires a good deal more thought.

Sports Nutrition: Dietary Basics

Optimum nutrition for athletes - what can we learn from recent studies

Dietary Performance Enhancement

Burning More Fat to Increase Periodization

glycaemic index

The glycaemic index: how athletes can make it work for them

antioxidant diets

Antioxidant Diets: Low antioxidant diets may hamper fuel delivery

disordered eating

Disordered eating is rare in Chinese athletes

strength training diet

Strength Training Diet : Hormones and strength - why low-fat, high-protein diets might not be best after all

sports drinks & teeth

Sports drinks and teeth


Thermogenesis: It's not just what you eat...

Sports nutrition: a training strategy for protein consumption

There is more to protein intake than simply eating the right amount

testosterone | diet

Testosterone and diet

sport nutrition

Sport nutrition - How athletes can benefit from world consensus on sport nutrition

exercise stress

Exercise stress: Strategies to boost your natural immunity and keep infection and the effects of exercise stress at bay

wrestlers weight

Rapid weight loss in young wrestlers

omega-3 omega-6 | essential fats

Omega-3 and omega-6: Essential fats are the answer to most athletes' prayers, helping your body to conserve carbohydrate while shedding fat

Carbo loading- managing your glycogen intake without overloading on glucose.


Sports Nutrition: Glycogen levels need to be replenished post exercise

Glycogen synthesis: your post-exercise plan

Zone Diet: you can't live off just carbohydrate, protein and fat

Zone Diet Is a No-No

Sports Nutrition: the rise of anorexia and other eating disorders

Anorexia Nervosa - Elite Runners are at high risk of eating disorders

Sports Nutrition: increasing fat intake can improve endurance levels

High-fat Gains for Ultra-endurance Performance

Macronutrients - carbohydrates should be the fuel of choice for serious athletes

As competition day looms athletes should aim for a high-carbohydrate intake

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