Looking to take your endurance training to the next step? These articles tell you about muscular endurance and more, intended for use by those into marathon running, long distance cycling, competitive swimming and more. Do you know the difference between detraining and overtraining? The effects of ephedrine? Read on to find out… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

High-intensity training

High-intensity training: one size doesn’t fit all

Sports Drinks

When sports drinks don’t work

Strength and endurance training: how athletes can maximise their performance

Key breakthroughs in endurance and strength training and what they mean for athletes

Acupuncture: is there any point?

Sports therapy: What athletes should know about using acupuncture to improve sport performance

Endurance training: large amounts of low-intensity training can develop base conditioning and aid recovery

How a train low, train high approach can lead to increased performance

Sports nutrition: is dietary nitrate the key to enhanced endurance performance?

Dietary nitrate can aid mental and physical performance for athletes.

Endurance training: understanding your slow twitch muscle fibres will boost performance

Muscles and muscle fibre

Endurance training: building a strong base is the key to achieving optimum running fitness

Specialist running journalist Andy Barber talks to top endurance coach Nick Anderson

Strength and endurance training- can both the elements be mastered at once?

Training for both strength and endurance will never be as effective as training for either individually

Endurance training for mountaineering: king of the death zone

King of the eight-thousanders!

Endurance: Hill Training

Hill training for endurance

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Endurance Strength Training - Optimising muscle mass

Endurance Training with Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine – a magic bullet for endurance?

Sports Psychology: endurance training

Using your mind to help with endurance training

Altitude Training: big help?

Can altitude training help endurance athletes reach new heights?

Building Speed and Endurance

Building Speed Before Endurance: is it time to turn convention on its head?

Sports Nutrition: Advice for Endurance Cyclists

Nutrition Advice for Endurance Cyclists

endurance muscles

Endurance muscles: Why endurance athletes cannot afford to ignore the vital contribution of fast-twitch muscle fibres

endurance | resistance

Endurance and resistance training: New findings on the 'interference effect'

concurrent training

Concurrent training - Weight training and endurance training - the perfect sports conditioning partnership?


Risks of long-term detraining for endurance athletes

Cardiovascular Endurance: respiratory training can improve performance

Will training your breathing muscles boost your performance?

Creatine supplements can boost your endurance training without encouraging weight gain

The correct dose of creatine will improve endurance athletes performance without making them gain weight!

Endurance training for female athletes

How endurance training helps women keep their weight down

Combining strength and endurance training- the pros and cons

Combined training - the pros and cons

Tapering training to improve athlete's endurance

Tapering training - What exactly happens inside your body when you taper - and why you should do it more often

Heart attack risks are greater for athletes who compete in endurance sports

Endurance athletes who exercise for three hours or more have an increased chance of dying from a cardiac arrest

Endurance training: both anaerobic and aerobic training is vital for optimal endurance performance

Conventional training for distance events is dead: now you need to work on your anaerobic power

Strength training is a vital component of your endurance programme

When sequencing your fitness training pay specific attention to the development of strength and power

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