strength training

strength training

Looking for the best strength training routines and strength training workouts? These articles give you the latest information on circuit training, squats, and more with free strength training programs… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Ageing and Performance

Muscle power and strength

Strength and endurance training: how athletes can maximise their performance

Key breakthroughs in endurance and strength training and what they mean for athletes

Strength and fitness training: the weighted sled

The weighted sled provides a number of training opportunities to develop numerous facets of fitness. It is versatile enough to develop anaerobic and aerobic fitness and is therefore a suitable means of training for many athletes.

Seated calf raise

Seated calf raise

The seated calf raise is another good calf exercise.

Acupuncture: is there any point?

Sports therapy: What athletes should know about using acupuncture to improve sport performance

Strength training for distance runners

Can lifting weights help middle distance runners run faster or further with no corresponding improvements in aerobic fitness?

Strength training: how to increase muscle mass

Mass is important in sports where moving objects- either people or heavy implements- requires the use of momentum

Strength training for muscle gains

by Reggie Johal, owner of Predator Nutrition

Strength training: athletes need to maintain their strength and power during the in season

Failing to maintain strength levels can lead to injury and a drop in form

Achilles tendon injuries: A full guide

Achilles Tendonitis: Symptoms, prevention techniques and treatments

Strength training: focusing power on the movements and speed used in specific sports situations

Using power in specific sport situations

Core strengthening: resistance training

This video will focus on improving your core strength by using added resistance, with pulley machines and medicine balls and dynamic throwing movements. You can see the exercises being performed, and learn important technique tips in the associated video.

Strength and fitness training: how using a weighted sled can improve your performance

Sled training provides a number of training opportunities to develop performance

Strength training: how to construct a progressive weight training plan

A training schedule to improve muscular strength

Strength training: physical, technical and psychological preparation

The strength preparation phase of training

Core training using exercise ball workouts

Improve your core stability with a fitball!

Core training using a fitball

These exercises will challenge your ability to hold good posture and pelvic alignment against both body weight and the instability of the Fitball. The positions of the holds are similar to the static floor exercises, except that they are performed on the ball.

Core exercises: isometric and isotonic strength training

Core stability training

Core stability: strength training for the back and abdominal muscles

Core training to maximise your sports performance

Core training: strengthening the back and abdominal muscles

Your core (back and abdominal muscles) are key to optimum sports performance. This area acts as a transmission, allowing your limbs to exert maximum force and power. A weak core can lead to reduced sports performance, as it may not allow you to direct all the power you’re generating where you need – through the track, for example, if you are a sprinter.

Back pain: core strengthening exercises to protect the spine

Targeted core strengthening work can reduce the risk of back pain

Weight training: squats can increase power and strength

Certain squat variations have much to offer power and strength athletes

Concurrent training: how to simultaneously train upper and lower body strength, muscular endurance and flexibility

Research suggests that concurrent training can train several aspects of fitness at once

Explosive strength training: research on resistance training suggests that doing less is more!

Can this latest strength training research blow away conventional methods?

Strength training: developing your core strength

A 2 month base strength plan

Strength training: overloading to increase muscle mass

The traditional methods of resistance training might not be the most effective way to increase strength

Strength training programme for all sports

Warming up for strength training

Strength and endurance training- can both the elements be mastered at once?

Training for both strength and endurance will never be as effective as training for either individually

Strength Training: improving your trunk strength will improve your throwing and striking

Strengthening exercises to improve your throwing performance

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