These stretching exercises and stretching techniques can help you improve agility, increase flexibility and reduce the risk of sports injuries. The information can be used for advanced training techniques or more generally for new exercises for flexibility… To browse our library of free sports training articles, browse using the categories on the left or use the search box.

Warming up: the latest research into stretching

There’s increasing evidence that stretching before exercise doesn’t improve performance or reduce injury risk

Stretching Exercises - why they are important and whether the time of day influences their effectiveness

When is the right time for Static, PNF and Dynamic Stretching

Stretching Exercises: when is the right time to perform them?

Stretching your horizons – why timing counts

Dynamic stretching exercises increase jumping ability

Warm-ups to Increase Vertical Leap

Managing Pain in Athletes

What are the best ways to cope with sports pain? And how do different people react to the same injury?

Stretching, Performance and Injury Prevention

Pre-exercise stretching - is it time to tear up the old rule book?

Can Athletes Dance Their Way to Agility?

Dance Training for Agility, Speed and Power

Warming up: the dynamic alternative to static stretching

What is the best way to prepare an athlete for performance – mentally as well as physically?

stretching football

Stretching football: Stretching no help to kicking in football

Stretching exercises for sports injury prevention

Stretching: Does Stretching Work?

Stretching Exercises: can too much stretching slow a runner down?

Can too much stretching actually slow runners down?

Warming up: does stretching actually hinder sports performance?

Sport science research suggests stretching hampers performance

Stretching to prevent injury: does sports science support this traditional warm up?

Does stretching really lower the risk of injury?

Does stretching in your warm up prevent injury?

Everything you need to know about stretching

Flexibility and stretching: the science behind the importance of keeping flexible

The background to the theory of stretching and its effect on flexibility

Flexibility and stretching: preventing sports injuries

Flexibility and Stretching: Two sports physiotherapists show why flexibility is so important, and explain the science behind it

Pre-workout stretching

Does stretching before a workout increase the risk of injury?

Flexibility training: the role of stretching in sports performance

What science has to say about the performance benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises

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