Knee Ligament Damage

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Hi All
I damaged ligaments & cartlidge in my left knee playing football 13 months ago. After some physio I went back to play too early only for my leg to give way etc.
Afterwards I had an MRI Scan which only showed up Cartlidge Damage. The Surgeon's examination back in November last year pointed to a ruptured ACL Ligament after my left knee shifted during the Pivot Shift Test (similar to the giving way I'd experienced prior to the examination).
After coming to terms with this, and understanding that if the ACL is ruptured it never repairs.
My goal was always to get back & play football!!
The operation was delayed by both myself & the surgeon a couple of times to see if any improvements could be made with Physio & a range of exercises specifically directed at Hamstring & Other muscle groups in the leg as well as propreception exercises using a Wobble Board.
I initially got back to playing back in March by using a Post Op Knee brace, which although quite restrictive in running around did save my knee giving way on a number of occasions.
about 4 weeks ago I replaced this with a McDavid Short Knee Brace that appears to give me more support with & alot more freedom.
However it's taken me almost 13 months to get to where I'm at at the moment with a few set backs on the way.
The slight cartlidge tear has healed & I can now flex my knee fully without any pain or niggles whatsover.
The knee still only feels about 75% right but an amazing inprovement from only 6 months back.
I can't see me playing without a knee brace in the short term if ever unless further improvements continue.
My query is that If the ACL never heals, then the improvements I've attained are possibly because the ACL wasn't intially ruptured & it may of been a Medial Ligament Problem that has gradually healed (I've always had most pain & tweaks around the Medial Ligament area since the Injury)?
However would a Torn or Ruptured Medial Ligament cause my knee to fail a Pivot Shift Test?
Any advise or comments would be appreciated & hope this Post isn't too long winded.

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