improving pace and diet for football

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callum's picture

i play football and am looking at ways of improving my performance. i am trying to imrove my pace over short distances..

background: i'm 19 and am very thin (weight about 9 stone; 6ft). recently started working out upper body and now want to get better at football.

current training:

-doing leg extensions and do 3 sets of 20 reps on a machine.
-squats with dumbells in my hands which i hold for 30 seconds - can only mange four or five at once though.
-30 press ups per day.
-punch bag with light dumbells for a few minutes.
- benchpresses

what else should i do?

what i want:

i want to get a lot faster at football - is there ways i can do this or are some people just born faster than others?

how can improving my diet help? i hear about testosterone but dunno what it is or what it does? what will improve my pace abd play in general?

any feedback great appreciated..

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