Peak Performance is the bible for serious athletes and coaches around the world, taken the latest sports science research and transforming it into practical take-home advice. Read on to see what our subscribers have said about Peak Performance.

I race age group triathlon and the articles on nutrition have been great. The articles on injury have also helped. I particularly like the cutting edge technical articles regarding new training techniques, nutrition and supplementation.

I would describe Peak Performance as technical cutting edge research that clearly explains new concepts and results for technically aware athletes interested in reaching the highest levels of performance.

Vincent Kamp, Triathlete, UK

Peak Performance has benefited me in my training and or performance goals by introducing a range of evidence-based research that increases the variety of drills and techniques that I use both for myself and clients. A summary of the latest sports science research and its real world application. Just keep doing it!

Mike Edwards, UK

Training advice from Peak Performance has helped me to improve by using the correct exercises and strategies. I have also learned to get the maximum training effect with less time spent than in the past.

A must for anyone wanting to keep abreast with the latest knowledge on sports performance.

The latest developments in performance knowledge are researched and summarised for the subscriber to enable them to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of sport.

Geoff Lienert, Distance Runner, New Zealand

Provided more focus on doing quality training rather than just quantity. Informative, helpful and introduces new ideas for improvement.

Bernard Nolan, Triathlete, UK

I've been reading PP for about 2 months now, and have already integrated some new training routines, like dynamic mobility warm ups and super-sets into my workouts and believe very strongly that they will further improve my performance. I'm sure that PP will help me to achieve my goals for the next triathlon season.

Rainer Klement, Triathlete, Germany

Peak Performance helped me to refine my training programme so that I was able to win 4 gold medals at the World Masters Games in Canada in 2006. Being a disabled athlete I needed to adapt training schedules to suit my needs and Peak Performance helped me to understand the principles behind training regimes so I was able to get the most benefit from my programme.

Jo Frith, Swimmer, UK

Peak Performance has opened my eyes to areas and ideas that I would not look at normally such as; I was always told the lungs had excess capacity now I know there are benefits in training them. In the past when I went to my local physio. As part of the rub he would also click the joints in my back, I do not let this happen now and I feel better for it.

P.J. Byrne, Distance Runner, UK

Peak Performance provides a handy summary of what is the current thinking in Sports Science. Keeps you thinking and aware of the current situation in sports science.

Alison Paterson, UK

Although I like to vary my training quite a lot it always seems as though Peak Performance has an article relevant to what I’m doing, and when I incorporate the information into my training it appears to gives me a boost.

Supplies the most up to date 'relevant' information that is available, without all the bull-shit theories, articles and advertising unlike other publications.

Easy reading, you seem to understand that not everyone who trains has a sports science degree.

Peter Hancock, UK

Irrespective of the sports one follows/practices, the way the articles are written and the quantity of information disseminated, you just end up reading articles on other sports which you would not think of reading. in my case, although i have just started reading the last couple of newsletters, i feel that i am learning a lot of interesting things. Also, being a subscriber gives one access to many high quality books at very good prices.

Bruno Cassar, Tennis Player, Malta

I now have a far more structured and goal specific training plan. I am more motivated knowing that the advice I take from Peak Performance is based on scientific research.

Paul Berry, Germany

Peak Performance has provided me with invaluable advice and expertise on various areas of athletic performance in the coaching of my team. The team is now stronger, fitter, quicker and more focussed on the game plans than at any stage in the past.

Robin Madeley, Hockey Player

With up to date information on so many topics it is a great source of motivation and knowledge. I am working in a coaching field and really appreciate the regular articles and products available.

Susan Brooks, Coach, Australia

Peak Performance helped me to get rid of all unnecessary exercises to improve faster and more efficiently. It tells you up to date information that coaches don’t know yet.

Matt, Swimmer, Canada

Peak Performance gives me and my athletes and me the edge. It has changed the way I train and the way I train athletes.

Eugene Brown, Coach, Canada

I am a 'club level' cyclist and after reading the article on strength training to improve cycling performance, I decided to skip the planned one hour sessions in the weight room three times per week and instead do specific power intervals on the bike. At the Duathlon World Championships this year, I was dropping athletes on the hills whom usually beat me by several minutes on the cycling leg. The article was correct about specificity of the training at my level.

Peak Performance provides training theories that are well researched and relevant to elite level athletes because the experiments are not done on 'average' test subjects, which are usually college sophomores trying to get extra credit for a psychology class.

I love discussing the articles with my training buddies.

Kathryn Kasischke, Triathlete, USA

Informative, practical based training information.

Maree Hemming, Australia

Peak Performance has helped me with my training and performance goals by maximising VO2 using the 5x (3 minutes at 6" pace, 3 minutes half pace) training regime. It gives me useful examples of ways of describing and then implementing exercises and training techniques in other sports that I have adapted to rowing.

Michael Hawkins, Rower, Australia

Peak Performance has often provided different ideas and thoughts on training, which were discussed with my coach. As well as positively reinforcing that my training was heading in the right direction.

Dee-Ann Jackson, Sprinter, Australia

Extremely professional.

Hubert Kostro, USA

It gives me invaluable tools based on research. I'm able to stay ahead of most "conventional wisdom" and develop sound programs specific to needs. One of the few resources one can depend on to bring you the facts without trying to sway your opinion to sell an idea or product.Anthony Quartapella, USA

A journal to help you rise to a higher level in your sports activities.

Ken Brown, Tennis Player, USA

Peak Performance has showed me the correct exercise and supplements to take for my day to day exercise regime and in my university work. Up to date information on the state of sports science. Invaluable to any student.

Steven Jones, Sports Science Student, UK